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Phillip "Pacman" Chbeeb
Recent Entries 
18th-Sep-2009 07:55 pm - Another new choreo!
Another fun new choreo just before the tour gets underway :D

Also featuring the lovely Arielle Coker!

11th-Aug-2009 12:57 am - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Here's the vid from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Phillip and Jeanine perform "Mad" and teach Jimmy a little bit of hip hop ;)

9th-Aug-2009 10:34 am - Phillip on Jimmy Fallon
On Monday, August 10th, Phillip Chbeeb will be on the Jimmy Fallon Show to perform his  SYTYCD "Mad" hip hop routine with winner Jeanine Mason.

Check your local listings for showtime and channel!
30th-Jul-2009 11:30 am - New Choreo!
Phillip just posted a new collaborative choreography vid to his youtube account.

Title: Power Up
Featuring: Phillip (Pacman) Chbeeb and Di (Moon) Zhang, both of Marvelous Motion
Description: "created, performed, and edited in Three DAYS"; a unsuspecting girl accidentally powers up a couple of remote control dancers while walking through the park.

16th-Jul-2009 02:45 pm - Article from gendance
Here's an article/interview with Phillip from the gendance newsletter!

Read more...Collapse )



11th-Jul-2009 08:33 pm - TVGuide interview with Tyce
This is an older interview with Tyce, from right after the Top 20 was announced.  In the interview he discusses the Mia/Brandon conflict, splitting up the Kasprzak and Kinney siblings, and the amount of airtime Phillip received early in the season.

Talk about Phillip starts at 3:25, and they speculate if he was only included because of casting requirements.

10th-Jul-2009 01:32 pm - letter to the fans
Hey everyone,

This is a copy of the email from Phillip's good friend and fellow bboy Luis "JUSTROC" Rimon that was sent out this morning:
letter to the fans. contains spoilers.Collapse )
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